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NOTICE For a captain of a vessel, which enters Ukrainian ports regarding the response to unreasonable claims (action) of regulatory authorities



For a captain of a vessel, which enters Ukrainian ports
regarding the response to unreasonable claims (action) of regulatory authorities

This Notice is developed to inform captains of marine vessels entering the ports of Ukraine, concerning the actions, needed to take to prevent and/or counteract possible corruption acts, conducted by regulatory authorities’ officials of Ukraine and other individuals, during the ship inspection.

According to the resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 07.07.2015 № 491, the commission clearance of a vessel is abolished in Ukraine.

The captain of a vessel in advance, individually or through an agent shall submit the following documents in the form specified by the Convention on Facilitation of International Maritime Traffic (FAL):

-          General Declaration;

-          Cargo Declaration;

-          Ship’s Stores Declaration;

-          Crew’s Effects Declaration;

-          Crew List;

-          Passenger List;

-          Dangerous Goods Manifest;

-          Maritime Declaration of Health;

-          Ship’s Sanitary Certificate;

and also provides:

-          Information on presence (absence) on board of a vessel of goods import on customs territory of Ukraine of which is prohibited or restricted, including currency values available to the crew members, medicines, which include narcotic, potent, psychotropic and poisonous substances;

-          Information on presence (absence) on board of a vessel of dangerous goods, weapons and ammunition;

-          Obligations of a captain to re-export a vessel (for vessels sailing under a foreign flag);

-          Obligations of a captain of a vessel that purchased abroad ship's stores will not be taken out from a vessel (for vessels sailing under the national flag of Ukraine).

Marine agent generally within twenty-four hours, but at least four hours before arrival or departure addresses with the existing means of communication a Port Authority, a division of the state border guard, customs authorities and other regulatory bodies and provides mentioned documents.

Only border control is mandatory to be carried out on board of a vessel.

Other types of control generally are carried out in documentary in premises of controlling bodies before arrival (departure) of a vessel to (from) the port.

If necessary, to perform control actions directly on board, such control is carried out by officials of regulatory authorities, which initiated it on a vessel without the delay of cargo operations.

In case of further questions, we suggest to contact Mykolaiiv Sea Port Authority by hotline +380512508005 and by mail to: smdisp@portnikolaev.com, pdm@portnikolaev.com.

According to the resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 07.07.2015 № 492 the segregated ballast dumping in the territorial sea, inland waterways of Ukraine is allowed without restrictions and control by the state authorities on conditions that such ballast was taken in the Black or Azov Sea before entering the territorial waters.

Employees of State Ecological Inspection are entitled to verify the compliance of segregated ballast waters, the dumping of which is carried out from a vessel in internal sea waters and territorial sea, with standards of maximum permissible concentrations of major pollutants in the sea port only if during the discharge from a vessel the segregated ballast water emitted, contains visible floating particles or there are visible traces of oil or oily liquids or other contaminants in the area of the discharge, which led to the actual water quality deterioration.

The verification is carried out to establish the source of contamination.

Moreover, the national legislation of Ukraine establishes a number of requirements and procedures aimed to prevent corruption. However, the effectiveness of anti-corruption measures depends on the timely receipt of information on existing violations by the law enforcement authorities.

In cases of occurrence of unreasonable demands on the part of regulatory authorities and/or other individuals (directly or through an agent), particularly related to the transfer of the cash or other material assets without obtaining relevant supporting documents it is highly recommended to inform the Security Service of Ukraine by the hotline: 0 800 501 482.

It must be remembered, that timely notification on the corruption acts conduction, will help to protect your rights.


2015                                                                                                                                MYKOLAIIV